Aloha Barter Group advertises and promotes member companies to other barter group business owners...FREE.

• Businesses belonging to the Aloha Barter Group come to your business because you take barter dollars (credits).

• Barter your empty appoinment slots, empty tables, empty rooms and excess inventory for barter dollars.

• You can spend those barter dollars (credits) with dozens of local businesses and thousands of mainland or international businesses.

Trade/Barter lets you increase your cash flow by allowing you to use barter dollars in lieu of cash in your regular business spending. Cash that you would have spent remains in your bank account and drops right to your bottom line. The trade/barter dollars that you earn by filling your empty rooms, seats, tables or appointment slots with barter members, will bring you new customers while saving your cash.


Click on Join to see Featured Products and Services or click here to download a member contract.  Then Click on Join again to enroll online.


* $200 Credit Line to Start Trading
* FREE 3-month Administration Fee
* Only 5% Cash Transaction Fees
* Unlimited Free Ads on Trading Floor

Learn more contact Toni Ivey:  or call at 808-895-3076 or 404-909-1895

A trade/barter bank account is your answer to both increasing your cash flow and capturing sales that otherwise might have never happened.
Barter saves cash, increases profits, and decreases the cost of doing business.
• Trade what you have for trade dollars and use trade dollars to get what you need
• Save cash and increase profits
• More sales from new customers
• Loyalty: Club members choose you over non-club members
• Use trade dollars for your vacation and travel fund
• Have fun shopping using barter dollars instead of cash

Products & Services Currently Available Local:*

  • Accommodations
  • Advertising
  • Legal Services
  • Business Cards
  • Brochure Design
  • Business Services
  • Day at the SPA
  • Entertainment
  • Festival Booths
  • Gift & Home Catalog
  • Home Repair Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Mass / Direct Mailing
  • Massage
  • Musicians
  • Printing
  • Produce
  • Time Shares
  • Vacations
  • Web Development
  • Website Hosting

*Some of the services are not local (yet) but can be used at member companies on the mainland.

Recent local additions:

  • Local Commuter Airline
  • AC Service Company
  • Accountant
  • Acupuncture Center
  • Advertising (Local)
  • Art Work
  • Bookkeeper
  • Carpet & Tile Cleaner
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Clothing Boutique
  • Graphic Designer
  • Interior Designer / Feng Shui
  • Fashion Jewelry Supplier
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Relationship Counselor
  • Website Designer & Hosting
  • …more added weekly!!!

 Thousands of businesses on the mainland also participate in our network!


General Terms for Membership:

  • 1. Member agrees to sell products or services at the advertised or prevailing rate for 100% Aloha Barter Group (ABG) trade dollars/credits.  If the member’s account balance reaches a balance of $5,000, member may notify ABG that he/she wishes to be temporarily placed on hold/standby.
  • 2. Member agrees not to demand any portion of a sale in cash without prior approval of ABG and only then if the sale amount exceeds $2,500.  Gratuities are to be paid in cash. 
  • 3. Member agrees to pay a monthly administration fee of $10. (This will begin once local group reaches 50 members).
  • 4. The member agrees to pay a 5% cash fee on all transactions (gross monthly sales and purchases) auto payment by credit card on the 10th day in the month following statement month.  A $10.00 late fee will apply to all accounts over 30 days past due.  ABG may close accounts that are 60 days or more past due. 
  • 5. ABG will establish an interest-free credit line of $200 for member, if member puts an item/service on Marketplace.
  • 6. Member or ABG may cancel this contract at any time providing all fees are paid and no trade dollars are owed.  
  • 7. Member accepts responsibility to report all income for tax purposes.  A 1099-B will be provided by ABG.


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